Neurological & Audiological LASER Medicine Consensus Academy

NALMCA is an academy for medical specialists in the medical hearing and balance specialities. The academy consists of scientists, physisists, therapists and researchers from the whole world. The aim of NALMCA is to be a platform for an exchange of medical knowledge, scientific research and medical hypothesis between the members. The organisation consists of ENT-specialists, audiologists, otorhinolaryngologists, neurologists, dentists etcetera. Many of the members are specialized in laser research and / or LASER treatment of hearing and balance disorders.

If you wish to be a member of NALMCA, please send an email with your application and to inform NALMCA about your medical background and what medical area you are specialized in and if you are or are planing to be working with photobiostimulating laser therapy - then NALMCA will respond to your application.

NALMCA - a scientific, medical network academy concerning hearing and balance disorders

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