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Neurological and Audiological Laser Medical Consensus Academy


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NALMCA is an academy for medical branch people specialized in hearing and balance disorders, and mainly for those who are using laser therapy for the treatment of such disorders or are connected to that medical specialty. Branch people who has not yet started to treat hearing and balance disorders with laser therapy, but has an interest in doing so, are also welcome to join the NALMCA.

The aim of NALMCA is to connect branch people in audiology, otorhinolaryngology and neurology in order to give them an increased possibility to communicate with other active scientist and/or therapists around subjects of mutual interest within their medical specialties in neurology, audiology and otorhinolaryngology.

The aim of NALMCA is to promote the development of individual skills and knowledge within the laser medical field and in the field of hearing and balance disorders and the treatment of such disorders using laser therapy as a mono therapy or in combination with other therapies. NALMCA is also promoting NALMCA members and others to develop their knowledge in the audiological and neurological field.

NALMCA is an academy open to new medical research, to the improvement of medical therapies and new approaches within the medical field and to the treatment of audiological and neurological disorders as well as hearing and balance disorders.