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Neurological and Audiological Laser Medical Consensus Academy


It is 03/12/01 ruled by the European Court in law suite/case C-157/99 that a therapy is regarded as medical when the treatment is regarded as normal”. A treatment is normal when the treatment concerned is sufficiently tried and tested by international medical science.

The European Court verdict C-157/99 also states a limit for medical therapy/treatment. In the verdict a therapy described and approved by the European Court was conducted since a couple of years in a German university clinic and the therapy was based upon a published scientific article.

The verdict rules that the a judgment based upon the word "science" is not legal within the European Union and not necessary for being allowed to be conducting a specific therapy in a clinic (official or private). The verdict rules that it is the experience tried and tested by international medical science that sets the limit for what is approved as medical treatment.

Due to European Court verdicts and European Union regulations a EU membership state government is not allowed to obstruct any treatment method being used in another EU membership state. A government is not allowed to obstruct neither national nor foreign treatment methods when a method has been in use in a European clinic for some years and especially not if there is an existing scientific article displaying positive results from the treatment. To obstruct such a treatment would be an act of discrimination according to EU laws, directives and regulations.

Any person using a treatment method in one EU country is also allowed to, without any permission, offer the same medical treatment in any other EU membership country, and the authorities in the country whereto the method is exported are not allowed to obstruct the new treatment method.