Michael Zazzio

Ear Disorders

During the Swedish winter season, from October through March I am working at my hearing clinic. I am apart from being a musician specialized on hearing and balance disorders and I am mainly basing my clinical work on LASER therapy, founded upon “Gold Standard studies (the highest level and grade of medical evidence).

I am constantly researching the medical field, seeking new knowledge in audiology. My speciality is hyperacusis, tinnitus symptoms, Ménière's disease, sensorineural hearing loss, sudden deafness and other hearing and balance disorders.

All above mentioned disorders are treatable and sometimes with unbelievable results. On my clinical homepage you will find information about the clinic, research and treament results. There are patients coming to my clinic from all around the world.

My medical research/scientific article/paper is published in Photomedicine and Laser Surgery and the abstract is also found on PubMed.

Michael Zazzio examining
the ear canal and the tympanic
membrane using an otoscope.
Michael Zazzio conducting
an audiometric test to measure
the hearing and pain thresholds.

Audio Laser-Kliniken
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e.mail:   ZazzioMusic@mail.nu

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